Story of a London Boatyard – March 2012

Spring is nearly upon us and work has been hectic since the bridge to Lots Ait was floated into place in January.

Our attention has been on the workshop building, where new glass has been installed in all the windows, and electricity and light has been installed. The building is now painted in an attractive shade of lincoln green, and the whole site is transformed, with barges already occupying most of the moorings.

We are currently building out the mess room and bathroom in the workshop, and are excited with the progress so far. We will have loos, a shower, a small kitchen and a sitting area that will open out onto the rear of the island overlooking the main channel of the Thames and Kew palace beyond.

We are now ready to host boatbuilders and similar crafts in our shared workshop space, with “pod” areas equipped with workbench, cabinet and access to electricity for light and power. We already have a builder of replica antique aeroplanes on site, and other boatbuilders ready to take space, so come by and pick your pod!

The grand opening party is now planned for late April and will be by invitation only.Invitations will be sent to all those who have registered interest and for whom we have e-mail addresses. We hope to see you there, so do register.

Work on the slipway and outside area is continuing. We have a design for the new slipway railway trolley from our engineers, and Dolores the ex-army recovery truck is on site with winch in placewaiting to bring the sites and sounds of boatbuilding back to the island.

Look forward to a thriving new community of West London crafts and boatbuiders in our unique island setting.









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