Full speed ahead at Lots Ait Boatyard Brentford

Having spent the last few days on Lots Ait I thought I you’d like to hear about the progress.

Footbridge being put in place at Lots AitJust over a week ago the new 26 ton pedestrian bridge was successfully installed.  Thankfully this delicate procedure was helped by near perfect weather conditions at the most critical final hour of the installation process and the footbridge now links Lots Ait Island to the Brentford shore.  Having the footbridge in place saves the 20 minute round trip by boat at high tide or across the mud in the caterpillar at low tide.

Work on the site is progressing really well with the installation of utilities and services to the docks, and the finishing work on the workshop and outside area near completion.

The site still looks more like a ploughed field than a boatyard due to the mud that has been tracked up the slipway by the crawlers, and we have been tempted to consider planting vegetables instead of storing boats.  However, the date for the final clean up is fast approaching and this will make all the difference.

Inside the workshop, work is beginning to install electric circuits, water, wastewater and communications systems, and all the other comforts of home, ready for the boatyard to open in April 2012.

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5 Responses to Full speed ahead at Lots Ait Boatyard Brentford

  1. Bryan Betts says:

    Will you be replacing the canopy? And have you got plans for the other sheds?

  2. Bryan Betts says:

    PS. It’s not “Lots Ait Island”. Ait=island. (-:

    • John says:

      You are correct, sir. Thank you for your interest and concern. We look forward to seing you at the open house.

      John Watson

      • Bryan Betts says:

        I look forward to it – when is it? I haven’t been across the riverbed since having a look around the derelict buildings some years ago.

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