The boat building project

Lone Twin’s Boat Project is using the latest yacht building methods to turn wooden objects donated by people from across the South East into a seaworthy archive of stories and memories. We have a top designer and a fearlessly adventurous team of craftspeople on board. And now we need your help.

We want your wood – but not just any old wood. Pencil or piano – exotic as Zebrawood or as familiar as pine – we want something that’s a part of you, something with a story to tell. Come and tell us that story, and your donation will be used along with thousands of others to construct this seafaring record of our lives.

There are other ways to get involved with The Boat Project. You can become a boatyard volunteer, or set three sheets to the wind by training as a member of the crew. You might even have an inspired idea for the name of the boat, and be there to swing the bottle at the christening ceremony.

Following the adventures of its maiden voyage, the boat will be gifted back to the region as a permanent resource for the public.

The Boat Project is part of Artists Taking the Lead, a series of 12 public art commissions across the UK to celebrate the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The Boat Project is the winning commission for the South East region and is funded by Arts Council England.

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